Maximum Level, Powers and XP on Zuma Blitz

Recently I tried to increase the XP I earn in each game, and I found a quick cheat on that. If you have not read through my previous post on Zuma Blitz Cheat, please read it first.

After each game, your Zuma Blitz Flash will send a request to Pop Cap server with an URL like:………………..&json=%271%27&csm=79875b6d3758cb49b8972014f9b7feb&s=1206050&x=385&o=1106485&m=975&i=0&nl=0&rt=360&ra=1&v=38&bs=1298306424140

As mentioned before, in the URL, m=975 refers to the amount of mojo you earn. x=385 refers to you earning 385 XP. So if you can locate this URL and change x from 385 to something like 1000003850 and then click Go on your browser, you would immediately gain so much XP that will put you up to the maximum Level 133!

Your Powers will all be upgraded to its maximum. For example, each Time Balls add you 8 seconds, and you can have a 3x multiplier at the start of the game!

Isn’t that cute? Your frog gets to have a new look too!
Zuma Blitz' Golden Frog

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4 Responses to Maximum Level, Powers and XP on Zuma Blitz

  1. Cochiloco says:

    but how i can hack the mojo?? this metod doesnt work!!!

  2. Cochiloco says:

    Ok! doesnt work for mojo, but for experience work really good!
    I would like hack idols and mojo!!!

    • ketone says:

      It doesn’t work on mojo. The value of m needs to match up with the checksum parameter (csm), which is funny because the x does not.

      However if you want to accumulate your mojo quickly, you can check this one:

      You just need to repeat the GET request so that the mojo will keep earning. Once you get this working, you won’t care about your idols anymore 😉

      • Cochiloco says:

        Ok thanks anyway! i get a lot of idols but i dont know what i did!!! ok and now i have a lot of mojo and i am a golden frog! thanks!

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